It is critical that when using your personal vaporizer device, you understand how it works, as well as the components inside of it. We have provided this safety guide in order to help increase your safety as well as limit the chances of disaster which could occur from use or misuse of these products. We ask and assume that all of our customers research, have researched, and are well informed of the products listed and available here on our site—as it is a term that you as the buyer agree to during the point of sale. Fog Vapes can not be held liable for any misfortune, accident, or injury resulting to the buyer from use or misuse of these products, so please educate yourselves accordingly and use at your own risk. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. We hope that this information can help to keep you safe.

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E-liquids and Nicotine

• Nicotine is a dangerous substance and people who use or handle it should take proper steps and precautions to protect themselves from misfortune that may be caused by the use of such products. We have included some information about nicotine, but still highly recommend that you take time to do proper research on methods of safe handling and poison control.

• Nicotine in high doses acts as an effective nerve poison and can have a number of potentially harmful side effects. It is extremely physically addicting.

• Nicotine itself increases your chances of developing cancer. It also means that even those on nicotine patches and gums are raising their likelihood of getting cancer. This link is thought to be caused by a property of nicotine which retards your body’s ability to slough off damaged cells, giving cancerous cells more time to develop.

• The lethal dosage of nicotine for a 150 pound (68kg) male is 60mg.

• This is less than both arsenic and strychnine.

• E-liquids and nicotine uses are not regulated by the FDA for this product, and use of this product may be extremely harmful.

• E-liquids contain nicotine, and are not considered safe for use or any safer than cigarettes. We do not market them as such. It is important that eliquids and nicotine available from Fog Vapes are kept out of reach of children and animals. Nicotine and e-liquids in very small amounts can kill children and pets, please exercise extreme caution to avoid this from ever having the chance of occurring. Below is a small list of some proper or recommended ways to handle E-liquid and

• Keep out of reach of children, pets, and people who do not use nicotine products.

• Do not drink, ingest, eat, swallow, soak into skin, inhale, taste, or inject nicotine products.

• If your heart-rate or pulse increases, discontinue use and call a poison control center immediately.

• Store nicotine liquids in a dark and cool place and do not expose to direct sunlight or heat.

• Do not use nicotine products if you are at risk for heart disease, pregnant, or expecting to become pregnant.

• If nicotine comes into contact with skin, immediately wash off the contaminated area with water, and contact your poison control center.

• When handling, use gloves, goggles, and only handle in areas with adequate ventilation.

Lithium-ion batteries

We have included a material packet with information on the lithium-ion batteries. Using incorrect chargers can overcharge or over discharge the cell, causing these batteries to vent or explode, and this is a characteristic of these batteries when handled improperly. Please take the time to review this information for the safety of yourself and others around you. Directly below this paragraph is a short list of things not to do with lithium-ion batteries.

• Do not expose to extreme temperatures (hot or cold).

• Do not over charge the battery, or over discharge the battery.

• Do not get the battery wet.

• Do not use any components or chargers with the battery that aren’t designed to be used specifically with it.

• Do not puncture, crush, or incinerate the battery.

• If the battery becomes hot to touch, disconnect it from its source, or immediately get it to a safe area and get away as the battery could erupt, burst, vent, or explode.

• It is very important to never charge your e-cigarette with any charger except for the one specifically designed for your model, and your model only. Mixing chargers can most certainly be a cause for an e-cigarette to burst into flame.

• Li-ion batteries have a protected circuit board (PCB) to shut the entire lithium cell down in the event of instability, however, if the voltage being sent is way too much for that PCB to regulate, it can fry it completely, causing the lithium electrolyte chemistry inside of the cellto become unstable. There are numerous dangers associated with the lithium-ion battery


The following general safety information is from

• Lithium-ion batteries can rupture, ignite, or explode when exposed to high temperature. Short-circuiting a battery will cause the cell to overheat and possibly to catch fire. Adjacent cells may also then heat up and fail, in some cases, causing the entire battery to ignite or rupture. In the event of a fire, the device may emit dense irritating smoke.

• Replacing the lithium cobalt oxide cathode material in lithiumion batteries with a lithium metal phosphate such as lithium iron phosphate, improves cycle counts, shelf life and safety, but lowers capacity. Currently, these ‘safer’ lithium-ion batteries are mainly used in electric cars and other largecapacity battery applications, where safety issues are critical.

• Lithium-ion batteries normally contain safety devices to protect the cells from disturbance. However, contaminants inside the cells can defeat these safety devices.

• When handling e-cigarettes and e-cigarette accessories it is vital to understand the proper use and handling of the product and all of the components used in and with the product to avoid any possible damages or dangers. The last thing we would like to see is somebody get hurt, or possibly killed, and it is very important you learn, understand, and put into practice the correct procedures of handling such products. As always your safety and well being are our primary concern. Please do not use stacked batteries, if you do choose to use batteries in series, please ensure they have a high C rating 4C or more.

• Understand that the nature of li-ion batteries is volatile and use of these devices may result in damages. By purchasing from our company you are accepting all liability for the use of this product and any misfortune caused by use of the product, or any damages accidental or voluntary. Fog Vapes can in no way be held responsible for damages incurred by use of Fog Vapes product, and upon purchase, you the buyer, agree to hold Fog Vapes, it’s owners, shareholders, members, and operators harmless for any damages that might result.